50 Miles south of Chicago on a Summer Night


So I found out the Canon 6D can see the milky way just 50 miles south of Chicago. I’ve had this camera for almost 6 months now & I finally had a chance at photographing the milky way this past weekend.  This was taken Continue reading

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Moonset at Sparks Lane

Moonset at Sparks
Spring in the Smoky Mountains at Cades Cove..  As the sun was rising, the moon was setting over Sparks Lane Continue reading

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Couple – Graphic Art


As I was standing far away on top of a sand dune, I waited & hoped for some interesting silhouettes to capture…  So I stalked this couple with my camera lens zoomed to 300mm, waited for the moment & snapped.

The sunset was colorful & vibrant but I wanted to punch it up a little bit so I did some minor edits.

Below is a step by step Continue reading

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An easy Photoshop Edit

Skater - Zoom a zoom zoom

I seen something like this in my flickr feed the other day & just thought it was pretty wild, so I decided to give it a shot with one of my photos from when I went to the skate park last year.
Yeah, I used Photoshop for this and I’ll tell you how I did it in just 7 easy steps. Continue reading

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My Luckiest St. Pat’s Day Ever


As soon as I found out there would still be a chance to see the auroras last night, I planned on driving north to Michigan to find somewhere dark to photograph & watch the Northern Lights.  We ended up at West Side County Park in Fennville, Michigan.  I did some stationary light painting to light up the foreground in this shot.

This was taken with my Rokinon 8mm f/3.5 fisheye lens

Settings: 10 second exposure, f/3.5, ISO 3200

Although yesterday during the day light hours the intensity of the solar storm was up to a 9kp, it didn’t last into the night.. I’m not sure what the kp was when I was watching them, but I’m guessing it was maybe 5kp. My alerts only go off if it’s above a 6kp since I’m near Chicago we need strong storms in order to see them.. The higher the kp # the better chance southern states have of seeing the Northern Lights.
To get your own Aurora Alerts, sign up here

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Sunset Fire



Sunset was amazing last night… We found a patch of dead trees which made for some interesting shots but I felt like getting a little creative with this so I focused on the trees and panned the camera downward during exposure. I think this one is my favorite.

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Tonti Canyon

Tonti Ice

A fisheye isn’t just a lens… it’s a way of seeing.

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