An easy Photoshop Edit

Skater - Zoom a zoom zoom

I seen something like this in my flickr feed the other day & just thought it was pretty wild, so I decided to give it a shot with one of my photos from when I went to the skate park last year.
Yeah, I used Photoshop for this and I’ll tell you how I did it in just 7 easy steps.

Step 1: Open image

Step 2: Duplicate Layer

Step 3: Go to Filter – Blur – Radial – select zoom as the blur method (adjust to desired taste – for this I did an amount of 30) – hit ok & let it do it’s thing

Step 4: Go to Layer Opacity & adjust down to like 10% so that you can pretty much see how the original photo is without the effect.

Step 5: Use your Eraser tool & erase the blurred layer of the subject – in this case I erased the skater & the board

Step 6: Go to Layer Opcacity & adjust back up to 100%

Step 7: Flatten image.


About PhotoJacko

Photography is my passion. When I'm not working my regular full time job, I like to spend time at home with my family or go out hiking. And well, there's always time for photography...
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