Speedlights & Snow

Speedlights & Snow

I’ve been wanting to try a shot like this for a while and so far this winter I’ve only had this one chance. I took this a few weeks ago & I’m hoping we get a good snow globe style snowfall at night so I can try this shot again with more snow & try different camera settings.  When I took this shot, it was barely coming down.  There wasn’t even snow on the ground yet, this was the first real snowfall we had all year.  I was really hoping for larger and much more flakes, but I worked with what was there.  It was still fun to play & experiment, although my subject wasn’t as thrilled about it was I was.
Strobist info:
Canon 430 EX II speedlight behind subject on 1/2 power
Canon 600 EX RT on 1/4 power, on camera bounced off garage door to light up subject.

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Selfie with Marley

Taking Marley for a Ride - I Love My Dog

This is a selfie I took with my fisheye lens and my wireless remote controller. For this shot I was in full manual mode, shutter speed set at 1/10 because I wanted to capture some motion outside of the car since I was driving during Continue reading

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Sunset to Twilight

Sunset to Twilight

This is 150 images stacked, starting at sunset & shooting for 10 minutes into twilight.. I set my timer up to take a photo every 4 seconds and I used Startrails.exe for stacking using the lighten blend mode.  It’s always exciting for me as I wait for the layers to finish processing.  I guess my excitement can be compared to that of how a child feels when opening a gift on Christmas morning.  Each outcome is so unique in time stack photography and you never know how it will turn out but when the skies are right for it you can pretty much guarantee it will look pretty cool.

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For this shot I had my subject stand just a few feet away from a south facing window while I had him hold flat in his hands, a small 12″ gold reflector.

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Winter Sunset

Winter Sunset

I was visiting my parents on Sunday & could tell we were going to get a nice sunset so of course, I had to ditch them for a little bit & go for a drive down the road to find a spot to catch the sunset. This tree caught my eye so I parked my car on the side of the road & braved the brutal cold & blowing wind for about 10 minutes of shooting. It gets so windy in the open country plains, the wind was blowing right up my hat freezing my ear. I was worried about frostbite but luckily my ear warmed up & went back to normal color later that night.

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