Speedlights & Snow

Speedlights & Snow

I’ve been wanting to try a shot like this for a while and so far this winter I’ve only had this one chance. I took this a few weeks ago & I’m hoping we get a good snow globe style snowfall at night so I can try this shot again with more snow & try different camera settings.  When I took this shot, it was barely coming down.  There wasn’t even snow on the ground yet, this was the first real snowfall we had all year.  I was really hoping for larger and much more flakes, but I worked with what was there.  It was still fun to play & experiment, although my subject wasn’t as thrilled about it was I was.
Strobist info:
Canon 430 EX II speedlight behind subject on 1/2 power
Canon 600 EX RT on 1/4 power, on camera bounced off garage door to light up subject.

About PhotoJacko

Photography is my passion. When I'm not working my regular full time job, I like to spend time at home with my family or go out hiking. And well, there's always time for photography...
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6 Responses to Speedlights & Snow

  1. Avid Photographer says:

    Im curious as to how it would look if you used a star filter. Nice photo all in all.


    • PhotoJacko says:

      I bet that would look pretty neat.. I currently don’t own any bokeh filters but would like to get some. I tried making my own before with black paper & cutting out shapes, and it didn’t go well. My shapes were cut very sloppy =)


  2. Avid Photographer says:

    I haven’t tried doing that out of paper although I have heard of this, but I was referring to the star filter that screws onto the face of your lens. I usually make a Christmas list; thats how I get most of my miscellaneous trinkets. Sounds like youre on the same sort of budget I am!


  3. Avid Photographer says:

    I really don’t have any to talk about, maybe one or two. I usually don’t get out to shoot with an agenda; I just get out with my camera. I can post to my FB page and see the one photo that I like. You can check it out at Robert E Armstrong Images-Photography if you like.


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