Selfie with Marley

Taking Marley for a Ride - I Love My Dog

This is a selfie I took with my fisheye lens and my wireless remote controller. For this shot I was in full manual mode, shutter speed set at 1/10 because I wanted to capture some motion outside of the car since I was driving during this shot, ISO 100, and I believe my aperture was probably f/16 or somewhere around there.
Post processing done in Lightroom 5, making minor adjustments with highlights, shadows and a little saturation boost.

I’ve always been a fan of what the fisheye lens can capture. I like the wide angle & the distortion the curved lens creates. I wanted a fisheye for years and since the Canon fisheye is over way $1,000 I figured it’s something I would probably never own… that is until I found out about the Rokinon. I decided to go with the Rokinon 8mm f/3.5 which I picked up for $239 on Amazon. Granted this lens is fully manual, but after reading the reviews I found out it’s quick & easy to learn so that made me comfortable with going forward and purchasing it. I usually shoot in full manual mode anyways so this didn’t bother me. This just means I have to manually focus and use the adjustment ring on the lens to decide my aperture. No biggie.

About PhotoJacko

Photography is my passion. When I'm not working my regular full time job, I like to spend time at home with my family or go out hiking. And well, there's always time for photography...
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